Local Wanderings

Local Wanderings is my attempt at showing true appreciation for historical and natural settings so close to my home here in Eddyville. So often the familiar things of home end up being photographed the least. As photographers, we are sometimes almost "led" to think that compelling images can only be made in National Parks, or on top of a 14,000 ft grand mountain summit. Though such moments are indeed photogenic and ones I like to chase, my sense of place and local roots beckons my creative time here at home too. This gallery is my on-purpose effort to showcase the area my Brasher family has called home since pre-1830. The counties of Christian, Caldwell, Crittenden, Trigg and Lyon are where they lived their lives and so will constitute the majority of my focus here. Local Wanderings provides glimpses of the past coming together with pleasing light upon the landscape.