Andrews Bald, Storm, Jeremy Brasher, Great Smoky Mountains, June Bloom, photo

Approaching Storm On Andrews Bald

Andrews Bald, Clingman's Dome Region

Andrews Bald in late June is a beautiful place to be.  The azaleas bloom out and attract lots of hikers.  Above, I show the trail as it weaves its way through this clearing to the great views beyond.   However, this image almost didn't happen.  About three-quarters of a mile from the trailhead, my hiking partner and I started to hear thunder rumbling in this distance.  A storm was approaching but whether it would strike us head on I didn't know.  We committed to finishing the hike -be it soaking wet or dry.  Fortunately, the storm took a path that dodged Andrews Bald and instead provided a dramatic backdrop to the orange-red azaleas in bloom.   Pressing ahead that day payed off with a great image and a great time.

. Photo © copyright by Jeremy Brasher.