Campbell Overlook, Autumn, Autumn Storm, Great Smoky Mountains Photo, Jeremy Brasher, photo

Shrouded Autumn

Campbell Overlook, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I love it when two visual moods come together in one image.  In Shrouded Autumn, peak fall colors are enveloped by the low-lying clouds from a clearing storm.  Either mood, the warm colors of the season or the cool tones of the storm, could stand on their own in making a pleasing image.  Combining the two, however, really added a contrast and a drama that my eye naturally responded to.  Moments like these are exciting to us photographer- types, mainly because they are rare and because the living the 'f/8 and be there' mantra pays off!    Autumn and Winter is another example in this Smoky Mountain Gallery showcasing two dynamics combining to create a timeless moment.    
Photo © copyright by Jeremy Brasher.

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