That first hint of color in the Eastern sky....that breaking of first light upon the landscape....that anticipation and wonder of how God Almighty will decorate His creation this novel day .... These are the fleeting moments which inspire and motivate the capture of the photographs here.  Photography gives me the means in which to relive these moments and revisit the emotions they invoke.  Rolling countrysides, grand mountainscapes and our great American heritage compose the bulk of my "artistic" interest.  My hope is that in viewing the galleries here, that you too will pause and ponder the awesome wonder of God's creation.  These images speak to that which we so often take for granted.  Everyday miracles are indeed not products of chance and time.  Light, life, family and beauty are all precious gifts to be cherished.  My photographic pursuit seeks to translate my intrigue into pleasing images that hopefully inspire the viewer.  Maybe they are just pictures to peer at or maybe they help us to pause and ask deeper questions.  Whether its admiring first light on the horizon, cherishing that first time you held your newborn, or just exercising the American freedoms thousands have died for, these timeless moments symbolize to me the transcending Creator who has provided all.

  I believe in the objective truths of scripture revealed in the Holy Bible.  It answers my deepest yearnings.  In Christ I find peace, rest and my purpose.  Its from this standpoint that I'm ready to fill my photobackpack and hike a pre-dawn trail or endure freezing winds and temperatures for just that "right light."  His allure and His essence await.  With my camera in hand and some planning, these images are the results!  They are my vision and a testimony to His faithfulness.  I hope too you can agree.